Light, color and irregular shapes to fight against a gray and gridded world.

Art must help society overcome the neuroticism and depression in which it is immersed. Through intense and saturated colors, with shapes that escape the mental rectangle that frames our thoughts, I try to help improve the day of those who contemplate my works.

These works are not to think but to stop doing it, to feel, to flow and imagine, to focus our mind on the here and now, to vibrate beyond the routine.

The technique is based on painting on previously designed, cut and prepared extruded polystyrene surfaces to retain paint. As a paint I use water-based sprais and common, uncommon and fluorescent acrylic paints, which I apply with brush, spatulas, rollers or hands.

These works pretend to create in those who contemplate them first a feeling of ignorance, of not understanding what they see, followed by the curiosity necessary to venture to explore and unravel the symbols and messages they hide.



09-26 feb.LaZona Gallery
13 ene-19 feb.Hotel Saratoga


01 octArtinSal22
17 septNit de l´art Palma
06-07 agoFira Molinera
14-29 julMoasis Cowork


01-05 dec.Artist Experience Madrid
16 oct.ArtinSal21


Curious, scathing and with problems of respect for authority. As a child he wanted to be Superman, but he had to settle for being a social educator, psychologist, private investigator and visual artist, as well as training in numerous and varied nerd skills.

He is addicted to learning and always tries to live a little stressed, because if he lives too quietly he tends to get into trouble.

He is forty-toomuch, has a wife, two daughters and a dog. He tries to learn new things every day and make enough plans to live three more lives.

The “wow” of a child goes deeper than the compliments of an art expert, although perhaps this should not be told here. Will he ever learn to be silent?

Actual Project


Irregular is an expanded painting project on irregular surfaces of unconventional materials in the art world. It is, in short, another step in that fight against the gray and normal, an attempt to change our perception by ceasing to frame art in regular frames.

We live framed in quadrilaterals: our walls, houses, buildings, blocks, screens, books… even the works of art. Breaking the square as a way of organizing the world can help us break our way of perceiving, feeling and processing reality.

The art works that make up this project have totem shapes or footprints left by false artificial gods in our reality, bathed in fluor colors or intense saturation that distance us from the world of the natural and the real.

We break conventions to change perceptions.

LaZona Gallery


Mallorca: del 13/01 al 19/02

Madrid: del 09/02 al 26/02

Hotel Saratoga